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La Vigna Restaurant

Our Restaurant

Located on Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills, an upcoming Restaurant row is La Vigna Restaurant featuring Chef/Owner Giuseppe Vitale’s masterful interpretation of Italian cuisine.

With the walls painted in the warm golden tones of an Italian villa and huge wood-framed mirrors, which expand the intimate space, it is perfect for smaller dinner parties. La vigna also features a beautiful wooden bar with an excellent selection of Italian and Californian wines.

About the Chef
Chef Vitale, born in Naples, was a chef for Lidia Bastianich for many years, learning the mastery of her techniques at Felidia, Becco, and her original location in Forest Hills, Bona Via. La Vigna's cuisine combines the ingredients of traditional Italian home cooking with a sophisticated touch of haute cuisine. The Zuppetta di Cozze e Vongole, mussels, and clams in white wine, garlic, and tomato broth is typical of the appetizers, which go one step further than usual. Many veal dishes are offered including a Costoleta di Vitello alla Vigna, a veal chop with grapes, walnuts, and aged Balsamic vinegar or in the pasta selection, there is homemade gnocchi topped with a rich red veal sauce. Fish, chicken, and beef offerings are original and unique such as an Italian version of bouillabaisse the Zuppa di Pesce Mediterrania.